Ace of Spades is based around Equipment used to fight the other team, along with building and destroying the environment.



The Rifle is the most powerful of the weapons, instantly killing with a headshot, doing 49 damage with a body shot, and 20 damage with a leg or arm shot. It is a long-range weapon.

It can hold 10 bullets in the clip, and 50 in reserve.


The SMG is weakest of the weapons, but makes up for lack of stopping power by having a high rate of fire. It does 75 damage to the head, 30 damage to the body, and 20 damage to legs or arms. It is a mid-range weapon.

It can hold 30 bullets in the clip, and 120 in reserve.


The Shotgun does a variable amount of damage depending on how many pellets hit the target. Within 10 blocks, it can kill in one shot. It is a short-range weapon.

It can hold 6 bullets in the clip, and 48 in reserve.


The Grenade is a thrown weapon, that explodes 3 seconds after the pin is pulled. It has only a small damage radius, but any caught in that radius are killed.

You start with 3 Grenades.



The Spade is both a tool and a melee weapon. It is used to both dig tunnels and destroy blocks, along with doing an average of 80 damage.


The Block is used to build bases, walls, towers, and anything else. They are affected by physics, so blocks cannot defy gravity and float. This allows the destruction of objects by only destroying the bottom level of blocks, effectively causing the rest to fall, along with any players perched atop said objects.


These weapons are not yet implemented into Ace of Spades, but will be.


The RPG is a weapon that was seen in a test video for Ace of Spades. It will be added by 1.0. It launches a grenade along an ark, blowing up on impact. The damage is unknown.

Machine GunEdit

The Machine Gun is a weapon that was seen in a test video for Ace of Spades. It will be added by 1.0. It is set down as a turret and can be used by the any player. It has a seemingly endless supply of ammo. The damage is unknown, and it is unknown whether they will be included in a general kit, or if you must unlock them via kill streaks or other means.